Treat your invited guests to fabulous vanilla chai latte

If you wish to serve up a gourmet drink besides coffee then you can certainly now treat your invited guests to delectable vanilla chai latte. Your friends and relatives would surely be impressed at this lovely variation even as each sip of delectable chai or tea refreshes their senses with fantastic aroma and taste.

Despite the fact that gourmet coffees and chai teas can be purchased in various forms in coffeehouses for instance starbucks coffee, they are really quite costly to consume on a daily basis. However, it’s easy to make your own coffee and tea drinks in your own home and flavor them with the required frappuccinocoffee flavors. If you prefer a change from your coffee regimen then chai is an excellent option and you can also decide on vanilla chai latte to impress your invited guests.

You can make this flavored chai by heating up water, tea leaves or maybe tea bags, cinnamon, cardamom, sugar or simply sugar substitute, along with a little bit of ginger to boiling point. You can now add milk and convey the complete contents to a boil yet again. If you would like frothy chai then you can definitely also employ an espresso coffee machine to boil the milk prior to adding it to the chai. The very last step would entail adding vanilla flavor to your chai to turn it into a remarkably flavorful and also savoury vanilla flavored chai latte.

You can include vanilla in your chai by deciding on vanilla syrups that happen to be normally added to coffees. However, these syrups consist of a lot of sugar that finally resides as calories inside your body. You could possibly go for sugar free versions of vanilla syrup but that could not please your taste buds in the same way as the sugared version. Generally, syrup bottles can turn into a pricey affair in the event you begin using them on a regular basis.

You must instead decide on vanilla flavor essence bottles that are offered in 270 ml smallsmall bottles. These flavor bottles are entirely sugar free and since you’ll require a couple of drops to flavor your coffee or chai, this option does workout to be the most economical one. Additionally you can try blending in other delectable flavors like chocolate, hazelnut, amaretto, melon, etc in your chai latte so it can gain your own personal unique twist.

Producing chai frees you from the hassle of roasting your own personal green coffee beans just before brewing them within your coffee maker. Chai also includes merely a fourth of caffeine in comparison with coffee, which may be a boon or a curse based upon how much caffeine you wish to consume per day. The attractive element is you can easily put a tasty dimension to your chai or coffee by combining in scrumptious flavors prior to serving it to your guests too. If you choose the sugar-free essence flavors then you can definitely also serve these truly delicious chais to individuals on a diet or diabetics without having worries.

A latte is a marvellous variant, be it in coffee or perhaps in tea or chai. It’s very effortless to make and including various flavors can definitely please all palate that come in contact with these flavoured drinks. Now you can enjoy this palate-pleasing drink during your break as well as treat your guests to delicious vanilla chai latte.