Take your chai to another level with vanilla latte

If you love drinking tea or chai then you can certainly take your chai to another level with vanilla latte. There is certainly more to drinking chai than just dipping tea bags into boiling water and you should explore the wonderful world of tea filled with new aromas and flavors to turn each break into a momentous one.

Tea and coffee contain caffeine that offers you a refreshing chance to revitalize your senses and get ready to face the world once again. However, if you love chai and have stuck to the same chai routine then your drink might have just lost that edge. You can easily make chai latte at home or office within a few minutes and blending in vanilla flavor at the end of the exercise only indicates that you have and love good taste.

In order to make delicious chai latte you will need to boil around half a cup of water along with tea leaves, sugar, cinnamon, cardamom, clove and even a little slice of fresh ginger. Once your brew reaches boiling point then you can add around half a cup of cold milk while bringing the mixture back to boil. If you prefer using tea bags then you can use them after pouring out the contents into a cup. Your latte is now ready but the main ingredient is yet to be blended into your drink.

You can opt for vanilla flavored syrups that are available in most stores that sell gourmet coffee or tea products. Once you add the required vanilla syrup into your chai latte then your vanilla latte is ready for consumption. You can even get a little adventurous and sprinkle additional cinnamon, chocolate or cocoa powder on your flavored latte to happily confuse your taste buds. You can also serve up this delicious chai variant to your loved ones.

However, some syrup brands do manage to curdle hot milk in chai or coffee drinks and you should make sure that your chosen syrup is safe to be used in hot drinks. You should also be aware that these syrup bottles contain high levels of sugar and opting for sugar free syrups would be a better option although some compromise on taste could be necessary. Syrups are anyway quite costly and another option that is not only healthy but also tasty and cost effective should certainly help you enjoy your chai latte without any problems.

You should order for vanilla essence bottles that are easily available through an online dealer so as to get it home-delivered quickly. You only need a few drops of this essence to turn your chai latte into heavenly vanilla flavored latte. The provided pump on the essence bottle will help you to remember the strength of your flavor and each bottle will also provide flavor that will otherwise require 4 one liter syrup bottles, which makes this option extremely cost effective. This flavor along with several other delicious flavors is also sugar free, which ensures good health.

If you love your chai then you should allow your palate to experience many more flavors so as to retain its passion for refreshing your body with each tasty sip. You can now take your chai to another level with vanilla latte that is not only tasty but also safe to consume in the long run.

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