DeLonghi ESAM 3300 Espresso Machine: The coffee connoisseurs choice

The delonghi-esam3300-espresso-machine-reviewed-simply-delicious/”DeLonghi ESAM3300 Magnifica espresso machine is made to handle the preparation of coffee, cappuccinos, and latte drinks. Its most unique feature is the beans-to-brew compartment that is capable of grinding the coffee beans just before the brewing begins. This helps in producing a wonderful aromatic smell of espresso. Boiling of the water is taken care of by 2 stainless steel compartments. With an instant reheat system and the ability to distribute the heat evenly the machine has a significant edge over other machines. For coffee addicts, this is a blessing, you can drink one cup after another, or make many cups at once. You can also give the machine specific instructions for the automatic grinder via the use of the grinding button on the dial. This coffee maker can also handle ready ground coffee too, depending on your taste.

The dial or knob on the front of the machine allows for different selections of functions as would be preferred so that your espresso can be strong, mild or light as chosen by you. The espresso head can accommodate for any size cup.  For the accident prone person, the ESAM3300 also comes equipped with a safety system that can turn it off.

The delonghi-esam3300-espresso-machine-reviewed-simply-delicious/”DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300delonghi-esam3300-espresso-machine-reviewed-simply-delicious/” has a convenient indicator that shows the level of water and a coffee thermostat for measuring the heat to make sure that it is just right. Cleaning is no hassle at all because the detachable parts can be removed easily to allow for cleaning. This is a good thing because the machine will get washed more frequently, thus increase its longevity.

The beans- to-brew system incorporated in this machine makes it able to brew ever freshly ground coffee beans. This is what gives that fresh coffee sweet smelling aroma. The beauty of the grinder in the delonghi-esam3300-espresso-machine-reviewed-simply-delicious/”DeLonghi ESAM3300 is that no remnants of the beans are left inside grinder. The heat distribution is evenly spread out since it is made of stainless steel which conducts heat well. {Also the stainless steel twin boiler accessory is necessary for maintaining it}. Cleaning right inside the machine is good for ensuring that there is no stale coffee smell still lingering in the machine to dampen the enjoyment of freshly brewed coffee.

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